Finding inspiration for your project has never been easier.

We encourage our customers to utilize all available resources to map their tastes and preferences in timber design and style.

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How we like to use Houzz

  • Houzz is essentially the google image search of home design

  • Simply search for a term and thousands of relevant images populate your screen

  • You can then categorize and save images into folders for later reference

  • You can share these folders with your architect, builder, friends and family

How we like to use Instagram

  • Instagram can serve a purpose very similar to Houzz

  • Easily search Instagram for 1000's of hashtags, users and locations

  • We recommend following designers, builders and architects whos work you admire

  • You will then get a regularly refreshing feed of posts full of inspiration and ideas

How you should partner with Timberworks Design

  • Browse Timberworks Design's predesigned floorplans under our Home Designs section

  • Work with them to customize a plan to fit your needs or start with an idea of your own

  • Leverage their 30+ years of timber frame design experience to create the perfect plan

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