Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Settlement Post & Beam?

We offer exceptional service and materials at a competitive price. Our timbers are harvested from sustainable forests and every piece in your timber frame will be hand cut by father/son team, Greg and Kayle Sickler. The entire process from design to raising will be directed by owner, Greg Sickler. Because of this you will find the highest degree of experience (over 30 years), pride in craftsmanship and accountability.




Whats the difference between timber frame and post and beam?

Traditionally the terms have been interchangeable. Recently, certain organizations and individuals have tried to draw distrinctions between the terms, implying that timber frames use full mortise and tenon joinery while post and beam homes use simplified joinery. This is not the case at Settlement Post & Beam, here we continue to use the terms interchangeably; We produce only the highest quality, fully mortise and tenon, timber frame/post and beam structures.



What is included in our price?  
Timber frame shop prints engineered and drawn by our architect. Shop prints are detailed drawings of the timber layouts and connections.
Timbers species of your choice, and cutting of timbers to shop print specifications with traditional shouldered mortise and tenon with peg construction.
Trucking to your site. Your frame will be raised with our experienced crew including owner Greg Sickler. Pegs and fasteners as well as equipment necessary for the raising (cranes, lifts ect.).


How far will we travel?
The bulk of the work is done in the cutting shop here in Northern Pennsylvania, we build anywhere in the U.S.

Do you have homes that we can view?
Our model home is located on historic Route 6 in Northern PA.  It showcases a number of truss styles.  We have regular hours 10:00 -5:00 Tues thru Sat. or call for an appointment.  You may also wish to call ahead for an appointment to meet specifically with Greg, to discuss your ideas.  We can arrange to take you on a driving tour of a number of homes we have built in the vicinity of our model home. We don’t like to intrude on the lives of our past customers for home tours, however the model home displays our attention to quality workmanship and we can provide phone numbers for previous customers for you to talk to. 


Does SP&B have an architect available to do the entire design process of my home? 
Yes, the architect we use to draw the shop prints for your timber frame has designed many of our customer’s floor plans and elevations as well.  He is extremely knowledgeable, reasonably priced and easy to work with.


If I already have a plan; will you give a budgetary quote to make it a timber frame?
We would be happy to.  Often customers find a basic plan that can be engineered to accommodate a timber frame.

Will SP&B work with my architect if I already have one?
Our architect will draw the shop prints (included in our price) that we use to cut your frame. He is comfortable working with an architect you may already have doing elevations and floor plans.

What kinds of truss styles does SP&B offer?
We have the capability to cut and raise the simplest timber frame to the most complex.  You will see in our album a variety of timber frame styles.  Greg is an experienced master cutter, and is comfortable cutting whatever challenge designed.


Does the size of my project matter to SP&B?
Absolutely not;  We have done timber porches, timber steps, additions, barns, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, cabins and mansions.  Whatever your dream is, we are happy to help you achieve it.

Does my home have to be entirely timber frame?
No, if you would like only a portion of your home to be timber frame we are happy to work with you.  This is called a hybrid home in the timber frame industry.

What species of wood does SP&B work from?
Here at Settlement Post & Beam we predominately work with white pine, white oak, red oak and douglas fir. Each species has its unique advantages and they all make for a beautiful timber frame.



Does SP&B offer both planed and rough cut surface?
Yes, we understand that customer taste varies, so we offer either preference.


Will the timbers in my timber frame check?
Traditionally timber frames have been constructed from green timbers, with dry pegs. The timber frame becomes even stronger as it dries.  You will get minimal checking and shrinkage during the drying process. In general the only way to avoid checking completely is to use laminated beams; which we have worked with in the past.



What are some of the extras we can ask for prices on?
A chamfer (decorative routed edge) on the beams
Curved braces
Stairs and newel posts
Timber porches
Exterior peak decorative trusses
Fireplace mantels


Does SP&B offer Structural Insulated Panels?
Yes, we have a close working relationship with MURUS panel company, in nearby Roseville, PA. Our customers often choose to have MURUS panels applied to our timber frames.  Our close proximity and working relationship makes it easy for us to get your plans to them for bid if you choose.  Click here to learn more about MURUS.

What “Green” features does SP&B offer its’ customers?
We use timbers harvested from sustainable forests.
Our scraps are used by local carvers, wood turners and furniture makers.
Our planer chips are used as bedding for a local horse farm.
We can use reclaimed timbers, however these are often more expensive and take longer to cut because of the varying sizes. It is up to the customer to treat the finished frame for possible bugs.
We offer to have a bid from “MURUS” company for panels to wrap your home in.  These panels are extremely energy efficient. 


How can we be sure SP&B is a reputable company?
We have been in business since 1996.  We make it our priority to not only provide you with an exceptional timber frame at a competitive price, but to also make the process as simple as possible.  Upon request we would be happy to furnish names and phone numbers of previous customers to discuss their experience building with us.  It is important to us that you get a beautiful timber frame, and feel comfortable recommending us to anyone you know who may be interested in building a timber frame in the future.

Sylvania, Pennsylvania          T(570) 297-0164         settlementpostandbeam@gmail.com

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