Owner, Greg Sickler, worked in general construction for several years before his interest in Post and Beam led him to the cutting floor of a large timber frame company. He studied the craft for a decade under the company. He honed his skills and learned every facet of the trade, from print reading and layout to hand cutting and raising.

As the company grew, it began to trade master craftsmen for CNC machines, Greg realized his views no longer aligned with the company's. Instead of learning to program a computer to cut mortises, he made a decision to continue to build timber frames the way its been done for generations.

In 1996, with nothing in his pockets aside from some wood chips and the deed to a small plot of land in rural Pennsylvania, Greg built Settlement Post and Beam.

Today, you will still find Greg hand cutting joinery in the shop and envisioning the best way to raise SP&B's next frame.

Greg Sickler

Sylvania, Pennsylvania          T(570) 297-0164

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