In a world where more emphasis is put on speed than skill, it is more important than ever to maintain pride in craftmanship and preserve tradition.  Our tenons are cut freehand with circuler saws and finished to size with expertly honed chisels.  All mortises are hand chopped with 2" chisels and a rawhide mallet.  We strive to use only tools that allow us to hand cut as perfect a timber frame as possible.

What you will find on our workbench.

Our Tools

  • 2" Timber Framing Chisels

  • Chain Mortiser

  • Nugura and Japanese wet stones

  • Rawhide mallets

  • Handsaws

  • Various size circular saws (up to 16inch)

  • White Oak Beetle (pictured above)

  • Handheld bandsaw

  • Squares and Compasses

  • Drills and planers

The Joinery

We use shouldered mortise and tenon joinery in all our structures because it's the strongest joint we can offer our customers. Upon special request we've been known to slip in a dovetail or scarf joint here and there.

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