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Timber frame craftsman in shop


Contemporary timber frame interior


We've been in the timber framing industry for over 30 years and have seen hundreds of projects go from a sketch on a napkin to an erected timber frame structure. The planning process is typically a collaboration between ourselves, the client or homeowner, and the architect. Whether you're building a new home, barn, or outdoor structure, here are some things you can do to prepare for an initial meeting with Settlement Post & Beam.

  1. Acquire land for your timber frame.

  2. Gather photos, floor plans, and inspiration.

  3. Create a "wants and needs" list.


From here, we can begin to develop a plan forward and start down the design path with one of our preferred architects or a design professional of your choosing.

Timber frame 3d model rendering


Through the years we've worked with countless architects and design professionals. We've built strong relationships with the firms we feel have best served our clients in the past. We are happy to introduce you to an architect that we feel is a strong fit for your project. The design process is typically made up of these three phases:

  1. Schematic Design | Simple layout and intent

  2. Design Development | 3D views and elevations

  3. Construction Documents | Final permit plans

Throughout the design process we work closely with the architect to dictate the final frame design and joinery. Once the permit plans are finalized, we develop detailed CAD drawings in-house, calling out the information needed to craft the intricate timber frame joinery from.

Timber framers working in the shop


In the crafting stage, we will source the timbers for your project, cut and fit the joinery, ship your timbers to your job site and install the frame. Settlement Post & Beam has been through this process hundreds of times since our founding in 1996; we will work hand in hand with a local General Contractor of your choosing to assure a smooth transition from our scope of work to the enclosure and finishing stage, which they will handle.

  1. Source timbers in the species of your choosing.

  2. Cut and fit mortise and tenon joinery.

  3. Raise the timber frame.

From here, we will be available at any point during the finishing process for questions you or your general contractor may have. Feel free to call, email or stop by our model home and office to chat.



Beyond the timber frame | we help you assemble your ideal design + build team.

We are firm believers in "doing what you do, and doing it well". We have been crafting and installing timber frame structures since 1996 and we are among the best in our industry. Our timber frame package is simply that, a completed timber frame, and we do it well. Beyond timber frames, we are relationship people and love connecting clients to our network of partners that can make their turnkey dream become a reality.

We understand the convenience and appeal of a "one stop shop". We also understand that our comprehensive network of architects, general contractors and SIP suppliers can offer our clients a more customizable end product at a lower cost. We empower you to assemble your own design + build team from our long time industry partners.

Timber framers working on an installation
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